Paper To Physical Silver Manipulation. As startling as a 500-1 ratio may be this is only one of the very legitimate ways to measure the silver paper vs physical relationship. If we were just analyzing the COMEX Exchange metal that relationship would be much greater. For example… with 14.4B paper ounces traded in the month…

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Paper Vs. Physical: The Amazing Amount Of Leverage In The Silver Market. According to the data in the recently released 2017 World Silver Survey, total physical silver investment for 2016 came in at a whopping $4.4 billion: That’s correct. When we add up all the global silver investment demand last year, it adds up to a measly $4.4 billion.

Silver is a speculation in currencies, as is paper. Silver may be an undervalued currency but silver is NOT on John Exeter's pyramid, nor is Can I jump out here and say that the ratio as it stands is meaningless? If, as the ratio states, 'for every 1oz that is dug out, 180oz are traded', couldn't that…

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Thus, the paper notional silver trading ratio to physical silver investment was a whopping 517 to 1… double the 233/1 for gold. Now, this 517/1 notional paper trading ratio to physical silver investment in 2016 does not take into account any of the huge OTC market where a lot of silver is traded and there are no quantifiable statistics to the amount or degree.

May 16, 2017  · By multiplying the 159 billion ounces of paper silver traded in 2016 by the average spot price of $17.14, we arrive at a staggering $2.27 trillion of notional paper silver traded versus $4.4 billion actual silver investment. Thus, the paper notional silver trading ratio to physical silver…

181:1 Paper to Physical Silver Ratio! Any idea what the silver to house ratio is in venezuela? I believe silver will go down first briefly to around $12 and soon thereafter will go much higher. I also believe that it will have the possibility of 10x it's current purchasing power or $150 in today's dollars in the not too distant future.

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