Canadian Gold Maple Leafs. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the official bullion gold coin of Canada and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Gold Maple Leaf is one of the purest gold coins of regular issue in the world, with a gold content of .9999 fineness (24 carats), with some special issues .99999 …

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Buying Gold Near Me Price Of Gold Per Gram The gold per gram calculator will show you the price per gram of 100% pure gold, unless you indicate a lower percentage. You can select the number of gold karats from the drop-down list, or just enter a numerical value in the gold purity text box of the gold gram

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The Canadian gold maple leaf (gml) is a gold bullion coin that is issued annually by the Government of Canada.It is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.. The Gold Maple Leaf is legal tender with a face value of 50 Canadian dollars.The market value of the metal varies, depending on the spot price of gold.Having a .9999 millesimal fineness (24 carats), in some cases .99999, the coin is among the …

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1 10 Ounce Gold Coin 1/10 Ounce Gold Eagle Designs. The obverse of the Gold Eagle is adapted from Augustus Saint-Gaudens' famed Gold Double Eagle design of 1907, often regarded as the most beautiful These 1/10 oz Gold Eagles are available as single coins, single coins in presentation box and multiple coin sets. Gold Spot Chart Pure gold price pure

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RCM .99999 Gold Coins RCM .99999 fine Gold Bullion Series – While most Gold bullion coins are made of .9999 fine Gold, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced several commemorative coins of .99999 fine Gold!