Most coins minted in the United States before 1965 were 90% silver and 10% copper. Silver at the time was a cost-effective way to produce coins that were both durable and attractive.

90% Silver, Pre-1965 Coins. Investing in 90% Silver Coins. Prior to 1965, dimes, quarters, half dollars and full dollars were all made primarily using silver. Specifically, 90% of the coin’s content was silver.

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One of the most popular ways to invest in silver bullion is buying U.S. pre-1965 silver coins. Junk silver bags are considered to be fractional silver bullion. They provide an easy way to add multiple ounces of silver to any investor’s collection.

WHICH 1965 QUARTERS ARE WORTH MONEY? RARE QUARTER COINS TO LOOK FOR IN POCKET CHANGE!! That means, because of the silver content inside the coins, those pre-1965 coins are far more And for the next week, while supplies last, you can purchase these silver coins for just $1.25 over spot.

U.S. pre-1965 silver coins, also referred to as "junk bags," are a popular diversification among silver owners. Generally, silver in this form is sold in $1000 face value bags weighing 715 fine troy ounces.

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1 HALF POUND LB BAG Mixed U.S. Junk Silver Coins ALL 90% Silver Pre 1965 ONE See more like this Kennedy Lot 1965,1966,1967 Uncirculated & SMS. SIX 40% SILVER coins.